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Gas Pool Heater Service & Repairs: What do you fix?

Performing heater service & repairs to  Raypak, Pentair,  Astral ( Hurlcon ), Teledyne Laars, Degas,  Purex ( Tropic Isle ), Everdure, Zodiac and Davey Heaters – PoolHeat can help you with whatever you own.

All makes and models of Gas Pool Heaters – All makes and Models of Gas Spa Heaters

Any brand of gas pool or spa heater, we are able to repair and service.

We’re local!!  Looking for service in the City, Adelaide Metropolitan and Hills areas?  PoolHeat provide gas heater service & repairs near you!

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Repairing Your Pool Heater or Spa Heater

Has my gas heater given up the ghost?

So your heater’s stopped working.  It worked yesterday, but has suddenly stopped.  Should you bother with a tradesman’s charge only to be told it can’t be repaired?  And anyway, who do you call for a gas pool or spa heater? Your plumber? The pool man?  

Yes you should call a repairer, but neither the plumber nor your pool man are the expert required.  




You need someone qualified in:

 1. Gas  2. Relevant Electrical and 3. Swimming Pool/ Spa Care.  

Neither of the previous people have all of these, and PoolHeat will send you a tradesman with all three qualities rolled up into one.

Servicing Your Heater

So what’s the difference between Heater Services &  Repairs?  During a Service our tradesperson will clean and test all parts of your pool heater to make sure they work.  Some manufacturers insist this is done regularly during the warranty period otherwise their warranty will be void. If we do find a problem, we will repair it for you.  The extra cost will only be extra time taken and the cost of the part so it’s well worth it.  If your Heater is still under warranty, that’s fine – we perform warranty work for all major manufacturers and your repair will be performed according to their conditions.

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Commercial Service and Repairs

Commercial Clients also use our services particularly due to the fact that our tradesmen have Government Certified Clearances.  Public swimming pools, Fitness centres, Schools and other places that run pools and related equipment can rely on us to show up, fix their problem with minimum downtime and do a good job.  Or simply give their heater and pool a general checkup!  

Industrial Boilers

Perhaps you would be surprised that our expertise extends to other areas of water heating, but yes we know our way around a boiler, specialising in Raypak.


Raypak Heaters

Have you got a Raypak Heater?  We have repaired every model they make, from the Californian to the Versa, from the Spa-Temp to the RP2100.  And yes we repair the current Residential and Premium Models along with the Spartan Spa Heater.  We have vast Raypak experience and knowledge. You can rely on PoolHeat to repair your Raypak Heater!


Astral (Hurlcon) Heaters

So you’ve got a Hurlcon Heater –   or maybe it’s a newie and it’s got the Astral badge on it.  Or even newer, and now it says Fluidra! That’s OK.  PoolHeat can help you with these too.  We spend a lot of time repairing Hurlcon Heaters so we know how to fix them.

Pentair Heaters

Yes! We have repaired Pentair heaters.  We access the parts from Pentair themselves so you can be sure that they are genuine. 

Other Heaters

If you have another type of Heater we can still repair it for you. From Tropic Isle to Comfort Zone, from Davey to DeGas, from Teledyne Laars to Zodiac and from Minimax to Hibiscus, we have repaired everything.  Although with some older heaters a few repairers will tell you that parts are no longer available, there may be a way around it, or we may have another source, so give us a try!

Who are PoolHeat?

We are: 

  •   Service agents for Raypak, Pentair, and Astral (Hurlcon) Gas Pool & Spa Heaters and installers of your choice of other gas heater brands

  •   Experienced diagnostic technicians able to repair your gas heater or fix your pool equipment

  •   Able to repair pumps on site where possible so that you are up and running in no time

  •   Suppliers and installers of pumps, filters, ozone systems, automated dosing systems – any other pool related requirements

  •   Providers of a complete on-site service for all equipment and swimming pool requirements including services, repairs and  supply of replacement equipment

What Areas Do We Cover?

Anywhere that you may live or work!


 Adelaide – Largs Bay – Unley – Tea Tree Gully – Port Adelaide – Enfield – Glenelg

Athelstone – Wynn Vale – Salisbury – Semaphore – Prospect

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