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What Types of Pool Equipment Service & Repairs do you do? We Service and Repair all types of Pool Equipment - from Gas Heaters to Pumps, Filters and Blowers etc.

All Service & Repairs are performed by experienced and fully capable staff who listen to your questions and meet your expectations.

We are not “Gas Plumbers” we offer fully qualified tradesmen with Gas and appropriate Electrical Licencing, so your Gas Pool or Spa Heater will be repaired by an expert.

You receive attendance by a fully Certified and Trained tradesperson who understands your needs and has many years experience in the swimming pool business. 

Service & Repairs by PoolHeat are not only meant to fix your appliance, they are designed to suit you. 

Service & Repairs ...

PoolHeat Service Technicians have the experience, skills AND qualifications necessary to diagnose and perform Services & Repairs to pool equipment. We are also able to obtain parts to most of the pool equipment that you have – even equipment that is no longer made.

Much of the time, Services & Repairs can be performed at your home or business site, however occasionally PoolHeat will need to perform workshop repairs or in cases of warranty a manufacturer may wish to perform the repairs.

Most importantly, you will be advised of any Service & Repairs costs involved and be kept informed of progress.

PoolHeat can also assist you with the replacement of your appliance if you feel that the cost of repairs will outweigh the benefit of owning a new item.

Something the owner of any pool equipment should remember though, is that a good service & repair routine for your pool appliances will help you to keep them for much longer.


Gas Pool & Spa Heater Repairs

Although Spa and Pool Heaters may look completely past their used by date they are definitely capable of service & repairs, just like the one in the picture.  Just click on the button to take a look at other heaters we repair.

Gas Pool & Spa Heater Services

We also perform Services on Gas Pool and Spa Heaters, generally on a yearly basis, just to make sure that everything is kept up and running, either on household pool heaters or for small commercial and government situations


Pool Equipment Repairs

We do of course repair and service all types of pool equipment, and you have only to press the button below to see more information

Pool & Spa Equipment Service

We service many different types of pools, spas and equipment.  One of the reasons we are called upon, is that we are fully screened to work with the elderly, the vulnerable and children.  People trust us to regularly service their equipment and work around their families or clients.


Who are PoolHeat?

We are: 

  •   Service agents for Raypak, Pentair, and Astral (Hurlcon) Gas Pool & Spa Heaters and installers of your choice of other gas heater brands

  •   Experienced diagnostic technicians able to repair your gas heater or fix your pool equipment

  •   Able to repair pumps on site where possible so that you are up and running in no time

  •   Suppliers and installers of pumps, filters, ozone systems, automated dosing systems – any other pool related requirements

  •   Providers of a complete on-site service for all equipment and swimming pool requirements including services, repairs and  supply of replacement equipment

What Areas Do We Cover?

Anywhere that you may live or work!


 Adelaide – Largs Bay – Unley – Tea Tree Gully – Port Adelaide – Enfield – Glenelg

Athelstone – Wynn Vale – Salisbury – Semaphore – Prospect

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Service & Repairs


Full Pool & Spa Certification
Licenced Gas Technicians
Additional Electrical Licencing

Service & Repairs



Service & Repairs

30 Years

We Know your Appliances old and new
Experience = Knowledge and we have it!