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What other Heater Brands are Available?

     Most people just confine themselves to the big two when looking at Gas Heating.        But of course there are other gas heater brands out there and we can help you to select what might suit your needs best.  We have a page devoted to Pentair Heaters but brands such as Davey, Waterco or Zodiac may be something to consider – or even something else.

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Davey Pool Heaters

You may notice that the Davey Pool Heater in the picture looks very similar to Raypak pictures on other pages.  This is because it is a rebadged Raypak Heater.  So if you are using or putting in all Davey Pool or Spa Equipment but like the Raypak Heater, this may be an option.  And of course we can provide and install not only the Heater but the equipment as well.

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Waterco Heaters

The Waterco Turbo temp Heater is, like the Pentair Mastertemp, a Heater with a fully premixed gas system, requiring expert installation.  It may be for you, why not contact us and we can work out your what are your best options.

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Zodiac Heaters

Zodiac purchased Teledyne Laars several years ago and produced their own Laars based heaters for some time.  Their current model is not the LRZ shown at left, but a non-Laars based JXi model.  For some time, the JXi gave an external appearance to the old Legacy with an upgraded interior design. Unfortunately, the main drawcard for the older Legacy Laars based model was that it was not digitally based for heat control, but instead relied on a knob which greatly assisted many people.  

Recently, like Astral (Hurlcon), Zodiac was purchased by Fluidra. Now, the JXi bears no resemblance whatsoever to this picture, looking more like an Astral heater so just watch this space for an update!

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What about Heat Pumps?

Heat Pumps are another option to consider.  In states where gas is cheaper than electricity you would not run a pool on a Heat Pump.  Neither are they a good option when looking at heating up spas quickly.  But in areas where there is a degree of humidity, or no gas and a need to keep the heater on all the time this may be the answer.  It will only be a “cheap” long term option if you have solar electricity with the capacity to run both this and your other equipment at all times.  

There are a variety of heater brands and sizes to explore when you look at a heat pump as well.

Why not read the article to check out your options….

other heater brands

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other heater brands


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other heater brands



other heater brands

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