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A Definitive Guide to Selection of the Most Efficient & Economical Pool Heaters

The most Efficient & Economical Pool Heaters in Australia are Gas, Solar, and Heat Pumps, but all for different reasons.

Our Guide shows that what you select should be based on a number of factors.  These will always be:

  • Where you live (Climate)

  • What you are heating (Pool/ Spa size)

  • How fast you want your Pool or Spa heated

  • The cost of heating

  • Your desired swimming season

Efficient & Economical Gas Pool Heating

A Gas Pool Heater is an Efficient & Economical on-demand way to heat your swimming pool year-round.  They are available in much larger sizes than Heat Pumps and are extremely energy efficient. Moreover, gas is readily available in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.  The lower running costs in these areas makes gas heating a good option.

Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and most of New South Wales do not have the heat combined with humidity which makes a heat pump so economical to run in other states, so climate also leans towards gas here.  

Two factors are dependent upon what you, the user wants – your desired swimming season and additionally, what you are heating. If you wish to swim all year round, a gas pool heater operates at a lower running cost than a heat pump, but if you only wish to extend the season, Solar may be an option if you are heating a pool.  

If you are heating a spa, of course, solar heating will not work for you and using a heat pump for this purpose means either knowing a day or so in advance that you wish to use the spa, or alternatively leaving it on, which can negate any decrease in running costs you may be looking for.  

Gas Pool Heaters are inexpensive to install for the most part,  they heat water fast and with user care will last around ten years minimum.  As repairers we are still fixing models that are nearly twenty years old.  

However, in states where gas is expensive, or areas where gas is only available in bottled form, running a gas heater may not be the most efficient & economical pool heater for you.


Is Solar Heating your most Efficient & Economical Option?


Solar Heating Systems of the right size can extend your swimming season.

They are best suited to sunny areas, and when combined with a gas booster are extremely economical and environmentally friendly.  However, if you have too much shade, or problems with roof orientation you may wish to look at other options.


 The general rule of thumb with Solar is that given that you have the recommended System in for your Pool and are using a Pool Blanket, then you will double your non-heated swim season.  This means that in Darwin, you can swim all year around and in Adelaide, October to March.  In Hobart the probability is that you will only be able to swim from December to March.


 They are not an “on-demand” heating option and if the sun doesn’t shine, then you will lose heat in your pool, even in your extended season.  The ongoing costs, however are minimal: solar pump use when utilising your heating which will be powered by electricity, along with maintenance costs over the years for repairs of the system. 

If you are looking for the ultimately environmentally friendly option however, this still needs power to run, so ensure you are either paying for green power or making your own for the pump to run. 

Heat Pumps are the most efficient and economical aren't they?

A Heat Pump is ideal for warmer, tropical climates where they are extremely efficient and economical to run. People who live in Northern NSW, Queensland and the Northern Territory will get the most from a Heat Pump as they do not need to heat their pool so much.  Additionally, those who the above two options don’t suit (eg no gas connection, roof covered with house solar) may choose a heat pump but in these instances may not receive the same efficiency or economy in running.However, if you live elsewhere but have large quantities of Solar Electric Roof panels this could be an option.  The major things to remember are that

  • Your Heat Pump will have to remain on all the time

  • It will take days to heat your pool

  • It is not an “on-demand” heater

To Sum up, PoolHeat have established that in South Australia, due to our climate and fuel costs, you would generally find the most efficient and economical pool heaters to be gas.  And for spa heaters there is no other way to get your spa heated quickly on the spur of the moment.  However, a solar heater or heat pump can both be a fantastic solution for certain people in certain situations. You just need to ask yourself the questions at the top of the page and look at the choices.  The answer will present itself, and if not, just give us a call on (08) 8349 5097.  We’d love to help out.


Whichever option you choose, a Pool Blanket will assist to prevent evaporation of water (and thereby heat-loss).  This can be one of the most economical (and inexpensive) pieces of pool equipment you will own, saving you money on heating costs, water and even cleaning to a degree.  Even if you don’t like the look, love the savings!

  Need Pool Heater Selection or Sizing Information? Selecting and Sizing your Pool or Spa Heater isn’t easy. Why not call us on (08) 8349 5097 to find out what kind of Heater is right for you?  Or you can even fill in the Contact Form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get back as soon as possible.


Raypak Pool and Spa Heaters

Raypak (now known as Rheem Pool Heating) offer a variety of high quality Gas Pool Heaters with durability and a good warranty.  They also produce Spa Heaters and Heat Pumps.  For more information, just press the button or call us on (08) 8349 5097 

Pentair Pool and Spa Heaters

With the MasterTemp Series, Pentair offers a top quality, versatile Gas Pool Heater, along with a matching Spa Heater.   They additionally make a Heat Pump for those situations which require them. To learn more about Pentair Heaters call us on (08) 8349 5097 or click below.


Astral (Hurlcon) Heaters

Astral offer different types of Gas Pool and Spa Heaters, some previously known under the Hurlcon brand. They also offer a range of Heat Pumps for those who are looking for them. Why not see more details by clicking below or calling us on (08) 8349 5097.

Other Pool Heaters

With so many other brands of Gas Pool Heaters and Gas Spa Heaters on the market there’s bound to be one to suit you.  And because PoolHeat are not affiliated with one particular brand we can recommend what suits you, not us.  Find out more by clicking on the page link.


Heat Pumps

Having said that in most parts of South Australia Gas Pool or Spa Heating is the way to go, there are still areas and circumstances which point to Heat Pumps as a better option for Swimming Pool Heating.  Call us on (08) 8349 5097 or click on the link to see if a Heat Pump may suit you.

Who are PoolHeat?

We are: 

  •   Service agents for Raypak, Pentair, and Astral (Hurlcon) Gas Pool & Spa Heaters and installers of your choice of other gas heater brands

  •   Experienced diagnostic technicians able to repair your gas heater or fix your pool equipment

  •   Able to repair pumps on site where possible so that you are up and running in no time

  •   Suppliers and installers of pumps, filters, ozone systems, automated dosing systems – any other pool related requirements

  •   Providers of a complete on-site service for all equipment and swimming pool requirements including services, repairs and  supply of replacement equipment

What Areas Do We Cover?

Anywhere that you may live or work!


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