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What is Chemical Dosing? Why should I use a Chemical Dosing System?

       You may have heard of Chemical Dosing Systems, but what is chemical dosing and what does it really do?   The answer is quite simply automated chemical dosing systems make your life easier!   Having a pool should not mean spending all of your time testing water and adding huge amounts of chemicals with strange names that cost the earth! Most importantly, you should be spending that time enjoying yourself using the pool or spa. So what is Chemical Dosing?

  1.  An automated process via a machine of dosing basic chemicals into your pool or spa to provide perfect balance with minimum help from you.
  2. A way of spending less money on your pool, and more time in it!

 In short, using an Automated Chemical Dosing System minimises the time you spend taking care of the pool!


What Types of Chemical Dosing Systems are Available?

Every pool requires sanitiser of some description, so there are a wide variety of systems available as a result. 

For example, some use liquid chlorine for this purpose, some use salt (sodium chloride) or are even bromine or ozone based. 

Some chemical dosing systems are able to be set up using the equipment you already have, which is great!.  

However, one or two require additional equipment to be purchased and would only be used if no other item suited.

Chemigem Automated Dosing System

The Chemigem is the standard, go to Chemical Dosing System for many purposes.

First of all,  it can be used with either liquid chlorine or a salt chlorinator. 

Moreover, It measures the chlorine (dispensed via the drum or the chlorinator).

It also measures the pH in your pool water and dispenses Acid as required.

As a result this is a simple option for those who prefer either salt chlorination or liquid chlorination.

Above all, it keeps your water safe.

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Pentair Intellichem Chemical Management System

This is a top quality Chemical Management System.

 It covers not only liquid chlorine and salt, but in addition, inline bromine feeders and selected types of uv generators.

An alarm will let you know when to top up chemicals – it’s that simple!

Additionally, a range of fun options can upgrade this unit to remote management by computer or on an inside wall.

But hang on, I've got a Salt Chlorinator - that's doing the same thing isn't it?

You may have an Automated Salt Chlorinator, but that works on a timer, whether digital or the type shown at the right. 

However, it doesn’t take into account if you’ve had lots of people in the pool and the chlorine is running low as a result. 

Likewise, neither does it know when the pool has plenty of chlorine in it. 

As a result, it just keeps pumping more in on schedule, whether it’s needed or not.


There are one or two salt chlorinators on the market which measure ORP (sodium chloride [salt]) & pH in your pool. These will only administer chemical as required.

 As a result, they are a much better   option,   but don’t take it for granted that yours is one.

Check before you buy and if you’ve already bought, research the model!

Finally, if your chlorinator is not fully automated, you can step up, just by adding a simple automated dosing unit.

       In conclusion, this will bring down your chemical costs – no more adjusting and   shock dosing!

Likewise,  if you have someone take care of your pool you can practically cancel them!

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