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What type of Pump or Filter Should I use?

What is your situation?  What are your needs?  

  • Cartridge Filters are usually used on pools or spas that have a smaller volume of water.  They consist of container in which a replaceable cartridge of a material such as cotton, polyester or paper is fitted and sealed, forming a concertina shape to give maximum area for filtering.  Water flows through – dirt remains behind.  They block easily and must be hosed clean regularly to continue working.  Replacement of the cartridge will always have to take place however after a lifespan of 18-24 months at best.
  • Media Filters are a pressure tank partially filled with a suitable media – for example sand.  They can be made of a number of things, but domestic tanks are generally made from fibreglass or molded plastic.  Water is diffused through the filter and forced back through the sand leaving dirt particles behind.  These can be also used in a backwash cycle and can be used in spas as well.  Choosing the correct sizing is always important and depends greatly on several things.  Consulting an expert is always the best thing to do here.
  • Make sure that your choice of Pump is made with care – whether it be your filtration pump, your solar pump or a specialised swim spa pump.  Inexpert choices can not only lead to insufficient filtration, but also to purchases of pumps that may be noisy or cost more to run than desired.
  • Your filtration pump is the most important pump you will have.  Don’t guess, or allow someone else to guess at your needs sight unseen or by telling them what you are replacing.  You may be replacing something too small or large for your pool!
  • Solar Pumps are usually less expensive but still should be sized correctly and according to your needs.  Most brands will make a pump which can be used as a solar pump, though some may work better in your situation than others.
  • Specific Swim Spa Pumps are not made by all companies so ask for details about the best pump and jet systems to get for your situation.  Badu Swim Jet Systems are one of the most popular, and feature Speck Pumps.  See More about Badu on our Other Pool Equipment Page.

Pentair Pumps and Filters

Pentair make a wide range of types of pumps and filters, from the standard Onga  Pool Pumps and Filters, featuring the Pantera Pumps and Pantera Cartidge or Sand filters  to the top of the range Whisperflo and Intelliflo Pumps.  In addition Pentair make the Clean and Clear Plus Cartridge Filters and the Tagelus and Triton world famous Sand Filter.  Even their mid-range pumps and filters are good quality, so speak to us about Pentair Pumps and Filters on (08) 8349 5097 or look at the movie or brochure below…..

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Astral Pumps and Filters

Astral supply several different pumps and filters for a variety of purposes.  I have attached a couple of their more popular in brochure format.  For more information either contact us or look at the brochure.  You can also check out Astral’s Website.


Davey Pumps and Filters

Davey too provide a range of pumps and have been around for a long time.  I have attached their Pool Guide which shows their current range of pumps and filters.

Other Pumps and Filters

There are many other companies that make pumps and filters.  Some, like Waterco, produce entire ranges, whilst others are specialists in specific areas.  Call PoolHeat on (08) 8349 5097 or use the contact form below to reach us and we’ll help you out. 


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