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Astral Pool Heater Product Recall

Astral Pool Heaters Electrical Safety Product Recall Notification   A Safety Related Product Recall Campaign involving select Astral Pool Natural and LPG Gas Heaters is currently occurring.  Details of the Astral Pool Heater Product Recall can also be found on www.productsafety.gov.au WHAT IS THE ISSUE? The supplier of Astral Pool gas heaters to our business, Fluidra Group Australia Pty Ltd,

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Ski for Life

Ski for Life – South Aussie with Cosi

Ski for Life time once again, and instead of more writing about what we thought, let’s see what South Aussie with Cosi has to say instead…. So just click on the play button and hear what happened when Cosi joined the crew to find out what happens on a Ski for Life Weekend.  

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pool blanket
Opinion Pieces

9 Reasons Not to Buy a Pool Blanket

An Opinion piece by John R. When I put in a pool the first thing I did was bought a pool blanket.   Everything I heard about them said it was a good idea. It certainly warmed the pool more than not having a blanket, and was cheap heat too.  Then we saved water too, through not having to put

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PoolHeat Girl

Meet our PoolHeat Girl

We’re excited to introduce to you our very own poolHeat girl. She’s real, she’s South Australian – she might even go to the school your kids go to. She loves to swim and have fun in the water.  This picture is a candid shot taken by her dad on a recent holiday when they were both enjoying themselves.  It’s not

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Living with the Coronavirus

But What Does the Coronavirus have to do with PoolHeat? It has a lot to do with all of us, so we’ve been thinking about ways to help…. For instance, elsewhere in the world, people are being asked to work from home or self isolate due to family illness. Even in Australia, if someone has a mild case of the

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