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If you need a new Gas Pool Heater, Heat Pump, a Filter or Pump this Summer then PoolHeat can help you select the Swimming Pool Equipment you need at a great price!

First, PoolHeat can  improve your enjoyment of the Summer Season by installing or repairing your own Gas Pool Heater.  Naturally, we also cater to the spa owner with Gas Spa heaters.  A Heat Pump may also be an option.

Secondly, PoolHeat can either repair your current pumps or install a new and more economical Pump.

In addition, installing an Automated Chemical Dosing System will cut down your pool care time without employing frequent pool service staff.

Furthermore, A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is just the thing so that you don’t have to stand outside in the heat when you don’t want to and can spend more time enjoying your investment than maintaining it!

Talk to us about Raypak , Pentair, Astral and many Other Pool and Spa Heaters.  You can also find out more about Pentair, Astral, Chemigem and many other brands and types of Pool Equipment. 


To sum up, for more information read our product information pages or articles, call us on (08) 8168 1766  or use the Contact Form at the foot of the Page.  You’ll be surprised how many options are available to you. 


Pool & Spa Heating

Want to keep your pool or spa warm all year round?  Then you need a pool heater!                You have a lot to consider.  Gas Pool Heaters, Solar or even a Heat Pump are all options.

Take a look at our Guide to Selection of the Most Efficient and Economical Pool Heaters to help you make that decision.

Just click on the button below to find out more.

Alternatively, give us a call on      (08) 8168 1766 for more information.

Chemical Dosing Systems

An Automated Chemical Dosing System gives you the freedom to keep your family safe and your pool sparkling with a minimum of work on your part.

Whether you like to use chlorine, salt, bromine or even a mineral solution there is a chemical dosing system to suit you.


Swimming Pool Pumps and Filters

Your pump and filter do the hard yards in your swimming pool and spa equipment.  Make sure they are the best suited to your needs and the most economical to run.

We supply and install pumps and filters and our recommendations are based on your needs. Therefore, we supply a variety of brands of pumps and filters to suit your swimming pool equipment requirements.

Swimming Pool Equipment

Swimming Pool Equipment such as Blowers, Robotic Pool Cleaners, LED Pool Lights, Inline Tablet Feeders, Ozone Systems and many more items are available for supply and installation by PoolHeat.  

Just call on (08) 8168 1766 or fill in the contact form at the foot of the page.

You can also check out our Swimming Pool Equipment Pages for suggestions of economical equipment there. Just click on the link below for more information.


Heater & Pool Equipment Service & Repairs

Do you need your gas pool or spa heater serviced or repaired?  Got a sticky pool equipment situation?  Not sure how to take care of your new pool?

Get an experienced, fully qualified technician from PoolHeat to resolve your worries.

Call us on (08) 8168 1766 to make an appointment or click on the link below to find out more about what we do.

Who are PoolHeat?

We are: 

  •   Service agents for Raypak, Pentair, and Astral (Hurlcon) Gas Pool & Spa Heaters and installers of your choice of other gas heater brands

  •   Experienced diagnostic technicians able to repair your gas heater or fix your pool equipment

  •   Able to repair pumps on site where possible so that you are up and running in no time

  •   Suppliers and installers of pumps, filters, ozone systems, automated dosing systems – any other pool related requirements

  •   Providers of a complete on-site service for all equipment and swimming pool requirements including services, repairs and  supply of replacement equipment

What Areas Do We Cover?

Anywhere that you may live or work!


 Adelaide – Largs Bay – Unley – Tea Tree Gully – Port Adelaide – Enfield – Glenelg

Athelstone – Wynn Vale – Salisbury – Semaphore – Prospect

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